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GLACIA Ice Roller Face Beauty Tool

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About GLACIA Ice Roller:


Unveil a new dimension of skincare with the GLACIA Ice Roller, a refillable silicone tool developed with durable materials for multiple uses. This unbreakable, reusable, and battery-free roller is a cost-effective addition to your beauty arsenal.


Key Features:

- Contour and Sculpt: Uniquely designed for facial contouring and sculpting, this ice roller tightens pores, de-puffs eye bags, adds radiance, and offers a soothing body massage.

- Promote Blood Circulation: Effectively enhance blood circulation, lubricate the skin, and improve elasticity, promoting a healthier skin condition.

- Suitable for All Skin Types: Suitable for all skin types, the ice roller treats acne breakouts and is particularly beneficial for sensitive skin.

- Relaxation and Inflammation Reduction: Post-facial treatments, use the ice roller to relax, settle, and reduce inflammation. It's also a remedy for muscle pain, injuries, and migraines.


Different Uses:

- Brighten skin with lemonade water.
- Moisturize with cucumber water or slices.
- Relieve swelling with green tea water.
- Anti-aging with coconut milk.
- Acne-prone skin relief with aloe vera.
- Tighten pores with rose water.


Tips for Usage:

- Always use on clean skin.
- Be gentle to avoid skin irritation.
- Focus on puffy or inflamed areas.
- Roll slowly and in a controlled motion.
- Start from the center and move outward.
- Avoid use on broken or irritated skin.
- Clean the roller after each use with mild soap and water.



- Reduces puffiness and inflammation and soothes and calms the skin
- Improves blood circulation and promotes lymphatic drainage.
- Tightens pores and refreshes and revitalizes tired, stressed skin.
- Relieves muscle tension and headaches.
- Reduces dark circles and under-eye bags.
- Enhances face product absorption.


How to Use:

1. Fill the Ice Massager with water.
2. Place it in the freezer.
3. Gently remove the cap.
4. Apply in a circular motion.
5. Wash your face and proceed with your normal skincare routine.

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